Taste the Day!

DSC09345smBOne morning about a month ago I was speaking with one the medical assistants who works with me at the integrative medicine center. I was telling Beth (name changed for privacy) that I was grateful to have been able to sit quietly on my patio that morning sipping my coffee and watching the hummingbirds flit about before coming into the office. Usually I am rushing to organize kids, find shoes and hair elastics, make sure lunches are packed, make sure that someone has eaten breakfast, and try not to forget where I put my keys. Beth, who is a wise old soul, said to me, “You tasted the day. In my country, we taste the day. We don’t do that here.” She went on to describe the beauty of what this phrase truly means.

You greet the day with your mind, body, and spirit. You breathe deeply, allowing yourself to connect with all that is around you. You set your intentions and move into the day moment by moment with gratitude.

This is a lesson that I, and I imagine many of you (Yes, YOU!) need to be reminded of periodically. Let’s all remember to “Taste the Day”.

I challenge you to take five minutes every morning to do something that allows you to connect with whatever is greater than yourself. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, sipping coffee on your patio. Whatever allows you to start your day with gratitude.

In good health!